Restaurants & Food Outlets

Promote water for Fizz Free February

Install water points and promote drinking water as the number one drink.

  • Make sure everyone at your venue or workplace has access to free drinking water.
  • Promote water as a free, healthy alternative to fizzy drinks
  • If your setting is open to the public, register as a Refill site and put your tap on the map!
  • If you’re a school, you can apply to install a heavily subsidised drinking fountain through the Drinking Fountain Association. Get in touch and mention SUGAR SMART.
  • Or simply make sure there is a fresh jug of water on every table at your school, club or restaurant.

Drinking just one 330ml can of full sugar fizzy drink a day could add up to over a stone weight gain per year. Sugary drinks are the largest single source of sugar for children and teenagers. They offer no nutritional benefits to a nation already suffering high levels of obesity-related diseases and dental decay.

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SUGAR SMART is working with restaurants and cafes across the UK to help people become smart about sugar.


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Improve vending options

Remove sugary items from vending machines and display information about the amount of sugar in everyday food and drink.

Set SUGAR SMART challenges

Set a sugar reduction challenge, such as giving up sugary drinks for a whole week.


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