Restaurants & Food Outlets

Remove adverts for sugar

Remove ads and make it policy not to advertise or promote any food and drink high in sugar.

  • Update or draft your policy and stop advertising or promoting any drinks or snacks that are high in sugar, fat or salt.
  • Download the example of a policy from a local authority that you can adapt to your own setting.
  • You may need to get senior managers or leaders to agree to this, but banning advertising is a great way of raising awareness across a whole organisation and of positively altering the workplace environment.


  • Download the case study of a local authority who decided to take action to protect residents, especially children from advertising.


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Improve vending options

Remove sugary items from vending machines and display information about the amount of sugar in everyday food and drink.

Set SUGAR SMART challenges

Set a sugar reduction challenge, such as giving up sugary drinks for a whole week.


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