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Ban price promotions

Ban price promotions on sugary drinks and snacks such as discounts, multi-buys, free items or meal deals.

  • Eliminate all price promotions on sugary drinks and foods in any retail outlets at your workplace.
  • Eliminate all unhealthy multi-buys, free items or meal deals.


Download and read about hospitals in England that are ending price promotions. We hope you get inspired to take similar action in your canteen, café, shop or restaurant.

Price promotions have a huge influence on our food choices. Banning unhealthy price promotions is in an important step in dissuading people from consuming too much sugar.

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Improve vending options

Remove sugary items from vending machines and display information about the amount of sugar in everyday food and drink.

Set SUGAR SMART challenges

Set a sugar reduction challenge, such as giving up sugary drinks for a whole week.


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