The Sugar Smart site will close permanently on 1 August 2024.

Many thanks to all of you that have supported the project.

The Sugar Smart team.


Community Groups

Run a SUGAR SMART recipe demo

Use low sugar recipes to do cookery demonstrations and help children and adults make better choices for their meals.

  • Organise a cookery demonstration at your school or club to show that it’s easy to eat healthily and avoid popular high-sugar breakfast options.
  • Share your recipes with us and we will publish the best ones on our website and across our social media channels.

Breakfast is a really important meal, but most products sold in our supermarkets are incredibly high in sugar. Cereals are a big culprit and many brands contain more than our daily recommended sugar consumption in a single portion.

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SUGAR SMART is working with community groups across the UK to help people become smart about sugar.


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Run a SUGAR SMART assembly

Run a SUGAR SMART assembly or session for children using our video and information resources.

Get kids creative

Get children to make viral content such as videos or interviews to share on social media channels.


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