Secondary Schools

Improve vending options

Remove sugary items from vending machines and display information about the amount of sugar in everyday food and drink.

  • Remove sugary items from vending machines.
  • Display information about the amount of sugar contained in vending machine products.
  • Talk to catering or facilities teams about the vending in place and how it could be made healthier.
  • Put up stickers or posters showing the sugar content in sugary drinks.


  • For guidance on healthier vending, check out our briefing with examples of existing healthier vending standards.
  • See our case studies of how change was set in motion in leisure centres in Central Bedfordshire.
  • Check out examples from the Welsh Assembly Government and Blackpool Council.

You may not be able to influence what is sold in the machines straight away, but you can help everyone understand how much sugar is their food and drink, and guide them to make healthier choices.

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