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Introduce a sugar levy

Introduce a 10p levy (or higher) on sugary drinks and sign up to the Children’s Health Fund.

  • Introduce a 10p levy on sugary drinks and sign up to the Children’s Health Fund.


  • The Children’s Health Fund was set up by Sustain and Jamie Oliver in 2015. Since its inception, the Fund has distributed nearly £128K to organisations and projects to improve children’s health.
  • Setting up a sugary drinks levy is easier than you think. Just read our how-to-guide or leaflet and use our posters to shout about it once you’ve set up a levy.

By introducing a voluntary sugar levy on sugary drinks you are dissuading people from consuming them. You are also helping to raise much-needed funds for programmes and schemes to improve children’s health and food education. Introducing the levy is straightforward and you will be joining hundreds of other restaurants and cafes around the country who have already successfully introduced a levy.

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