How to Crack Workplace Cake Culture

Lou Walker, the Health Coach whose new research found workplaces want cake once a week or less, takes us through her suggestions for rethinking office cake culture, based on her research findings.

Housing Group lays a solid foundation for SUGAR SMART

Construction sites aren’t typically known for promoting healthier food choices but Ocean Housing group in Cornwall decided to change all that when they signed up their 230-employee workplace to go SUGAR SMART in 2018.

Workplaces want cake once a week or less

We tend to assume the more cake, the better, but new research from the University of Chester suggests that we might not want it as regularly as it is offered in most workplaces.

Rochdale Public Health goes SUGAR SMART inside and out

Rochdale’s Public Health team are not just rolling out the SUGAR SMART messaging across their borough, they’re living it themselves.

The 10 SUGAR SMART Workplace Challenges

For many of us, the workplace is our home away from home. It's where we spend on average 34.5 hours a week, where we forge friendships, where we eat our lunch and drink countless cups of tea.

Cornwall SME proves small can be SUGAR SMART

They may only have 12 employees, but size wasn’t going to stop Buzz Interactive, a small enterprise specialising in web and app development, from getting involved in the SUGAR SMART campaign.

Sugar levels in chocolate bars have gone up

Sugar levels in some well know chocolate bars have gone up over the past 25 years, despite companies pledging to reformulate their products.

Introducing SUGAR SMART's first workplaces ambassador

Amy Bromfield works for the Healthy Workplace programme as part of the Public Health team in Cornwall which looks after staff health and wellbeing for workplaces across Cornwall and the isles of Scilly. We are delighted to welcome her as our first SUGAR SMART Workplaces Ambassador.

Cornwall’s NHS Foundation Trust works it – SUGAR SMART style

Earlier this year, the NHS Trust invested in their greatest asset – their 3000+ staff – by bringing in two new Staff Health and Wellbeing Leads.

Get involved in SUGAR SMART September 2019

Whether you are leading a local campaign, taking action as a participating setting, or an individual, take part in SUGAR SMART September using our free resources and sugar reduction challenge ideas.



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