Government confirms 9pm watershed for junk food adverts amongst raft of policies to tackle obesity.

Read Sustain's response to the Government’s new obesity strategy, which will include a 9pm watershed on junk food advertising and similar restrictions online, which food charity Sustain has been calling for through its Children’s Food Campaign for over a decade.

Pester Power or Parent Power?

Parents want to see an end to the use of popular children's characters and brand mascots on food and drink high in fat, salt and sugar, according to a new report Pester Power or Parent Power? published by the Children's Food Campaign and Food Active. 

Food Active re-launch their Local Authority Declaration on Healthy Weight

Food Active have re-launched their Local Authority Declaration on Healthy Weight (HWD) with a brand new logo, refreshed commitments and a suite of resources to support local action on obesity, through increased opportunities for healthy food and time spent being active in the places where we learn, work and play.

Health organisations urge Prime Minister to give green light to obesity action

Action on Sugar and 47 leading health charities and research groups, including the Children's Food Campaign, are urging the Prime Minister Boris Johnson to implement all recommendations from existing Childhood Obesity Plans.  

Will Government plan to tackle obesity work?

Sustain responds to the reports on the confused messaging coming from Government plans to tackle obesity. 

Guernsey and Alderney 'eat a rainbow' of fruit & veg during the Covid-19 crisis

Expanding healthy food access and education is more important than ever, given the emerging evidence on the link between obesity and Covid-19 mortality risk and the impact of lockdown on child obesity rates. As community spaces and support services have been physically shut, Sugar Smart partners have been responding innovatively to help inspire and encourage healthy choices and push out public health messaging. This week, we heard from the team at the Health Improvement Comission in Guernsey to see what they have been up to.

Health experts call for Government action on obesity to reduce Covid-19 complications 

Sustain alliance member, Action on Sugar and Action on Salt are today calling on the Government to take evidence-based action to reduce national obesity levels, as mounting research identifies obesity as an independent risk factor for more severe outcomes and death from Covid-19. 

Unhealthy food brands are using the crisis for PR stunts

A recent article in The Grocer has outed junk food brands, like Krispy Kreme, who are using the current Covid-19 crisis to push their brands through offering benefits and donations to frontline workers.

Lewisham now have Sugar Smart billboards across the borough

Lewisham have continued their great work on improving public health by unveiling the first public advertising billboards promoting Sugar Smart in their borough.

Sugar Smart Somerset takes a whole school approach to improve children's health

Somerset County Council officially launched their Sugar Smart campaign in January 2020 at an event attended by David Fothergill, the Council Leader, Sustain’s Fran Bernhardt, and representatives from several local schools and organisations.



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