Sustain responds as new Government restrictions on junk food promotions introduced in Parliament

The Government has published draft legislation and its response to the consultation on the enforcement of new restrictions on price and location promotions of foods high in fat, salt and sugar.

Government responds to 2019 consultation on Buying Standards Nutrition Update

Today the Government has published its response to the 2019 consultation on updating the nutrition standards in the government buying standards for food and catering services.

Transport for London declares junk food ad ban a success as revenues announced

London's transport network praises Healthier Food Advertising Policy and cites Covid as cause of £100m advertising losses in 2020.

Government releases its plans to curb junk food advertising - Sustain responds

The Department of Health and Social Care has published their response to their consultation on advertising restrictions on products high in fat, salt or sugar as part of its drive towards a healthier food environment. The restrictions include a 9pm watershed on TV, restrictions on paid-for adverts online and are due to be introduced at the end of 2022.

Many food brands not meeting sugar reduction targets

New research from Nuffield Department of Population Health finds less that half of the leading food brands have significantly reduced sugar targets.

Industrial lobbying techniques found to have been used by the media against London's junk food ad ban

New research has revealed that the press used techniques straight out of the industry’s playbook to fight against the Mayor of London’s flagship policy to restrict unhealthy food advertising.

Kellogg's healthy commitments are not enough

Children's Food Campaign responds to Kellogg's announcement that it is reducing the levels of sugar and salt in breakfast cereals.

Dental surgeons call for ‘sugar free’ schools and nutritional guidelines for packed lunches

Leading dental surgeons across England are calling for schools to go 'sugar free' and to implement healthy packed lunch policies in light of rising obesity and poor oral health in children.

Join National Smile Month

Running between 17 May and 17 June, National Smile Month is a campaign from Sustain member the Oral Health Foundation promoting the importance of good oral health and the value of a healthy smile.

Children and health organisations urge Prime Minister to restrict online junk food adverts

Sustain and the Children's Food Campaign have joined 97 UK health and children’s organisations, academic experts and individual campaigners in a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson to encourage him to move ahead with landmark plans to remove junk food adverts from online platforms and social media.