The Christmas Coke Truck is back... but it's much more secretive this year

After a pandemic-induced hiatus in 2020, the Coca Cola Christmas truck tour is regrettably back. Despite the disappointment of seeing yet again the appropriation of the Christmas cheer for the promotion of unhealthy products, the event was forced to make a few changes in response to public health and environmental campaigns. 

Junk food industry is hijacking sports and children's health

The power of UK sport to influence healthier lifestyles is being undermined by a constant barrage of unhealthy food and drink sponsorship deals and advertising, a new report by the Children’s Food Campaign and Food Active has found.

High sugar in baby and toddler snacks exposed during Sugar Awareness Week

It's Sugar Awareness Week from 8-14 November, and research by Action on Sugar reveals that over a third of baby and toddler snacks carrying healthy claims should have a red nutrition label for sugar.

Children's menus loaded with sugar, deep-fried options and lower welfare meat

New Out to Lunch league table finds many of top 20 family restaurant chains' menus failing to serve sustainable and healthy foods and drinks.

"Don't Hide What's Inside" say young people to food companies

A new report from youth organisation Bite Back 2030 exposes tricks used by companies to give products like cereal bars, yoghurts and smoothies a healthy halo.

Health researchers call for mandatory front of pack nutrition labels to support healthier food purchases

Following a review of all the independent academic studies on nutritional labels, researchers from Action on Salt & Sugar say evidence supports making nutritional labelling mandatory on front of food and drink packaging.

Sustain welcomes new vision to turn the tide on obesity and healthy weight

The Obesity Health Alliance's new healthy weight strategy sets out a bold new vision for the UK Government to lead the world in reversing the rise in obesity rates.

Heavy opposition to London's junk food ad ban uncovered

New research reveals how companies lobbied Transport for London to influence the Healthier Food Advertising Policy.

Coca Cola crowned top polluter of UK beaches

Surfers Against Sewage found that two thirds of all branded packaging found on beaches can be traced to 12 companies, with Coca Cola coming up at the top.

Most companies can switch to advertising healthier foods, research finds

Analysis from Cancer Research UK found that more than 80% of companies selling high fat, sugar and/or salt foods and drinks could advertise healthier products