Asda ditches child friendly characters from more own brand products

According to press reports, the supermarket will remove cartoon characters from 27 own label products across confectionery, ice cream and flavoured milk, following similar moves on its cereals. Read Sustain’s response

Go Fizz Free for your health and for the planet

We know that fizzy drinks are bad for our health, but they harm the environment too. This February we're encouraging people, as well as venues and local policymakers, to reconsider their reliance on fizzy drinks. Take part in Fizz Free February for a healthier future.

Hundreds of millions of pounds of sugary drinks tax money not being allocated to improve children’s healthy diets, breaking Government promise

Sustain, together with MPs, is calling on the Government to maintain a pledge when the Soft Drinks Industry Levy was introduced, that “Every penny of England’s share of the spending raised by the Levy will go towards improving children’s health”.

Recommendations on the future of health prevention in the UK

In response to the announcement that Public Health England would be replaced by the National Institute for Health Protection, Action on Sugar and Action on Salt have laid out recommendations to ensure health promotion, obesity prevention, and reformulation programmes aren't left by the wayside.

Join our webinar on Monday 18 Jan - Refreshing investment in children's health

Join Sugar Smart and the Children's Food Campaign on Monday 18 Jan, 11-12.15, for a lively and interative webinar exploring the need for increased investment in healthy food projects at school, using the unallocated sugary drinks tax income.

New survey suggests Covid is motivating adults to get healthier in 2021

A survey of 5,000 adults in England found that 80% of people aged over 18 have made the decision to be healthier in 2021 as a response to coronavirus. PHE have launched its latest 'Better Health new year' campaign to help the nation work towards a healthier lifestyle.

Sustain welcomes wide ranging restrictions on junk food promotion announced by Government

Government outlines details of restrictions first announced in summer to promotions of food and drink high in fat salt or sugar in retail. Sustain’s Children’s Food Campaign has been calling for such restrictions for years and welcomes the plans.

Calls for aspartame to be banned in UK under incoming Brexit powers

Professor Erik Millstone, a leading food safety expert, is calling on the UK Government to ban the world’s most widely used artificial sweetener, used in Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, Ribena and many other popular products, as further concerns are uncovered around an EU decision to approve its unrestricted consumption.

Urge your MP to invest sugar tax money in children's healthy food

Schools are missing out on much needed funding to improve children’s access to healthy food. There's just days left to the Government's Spending Review, where with your support they could commit income from the sugary drinks tax to improve children's health. Act now and contact your MP.

Government launches consultation to ban online junk food ads

The Department of Health launches a 6-week public consultation to end online HFSS advertising to reduce child obesity - the Children's Food Campaign responds.



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