How to #GoFizzFree at school

Fizz Free Feb is over, but it’s a pleasure to look back and celebrate some of the hard work that went on all over the country. We had a chat with Barnet Hill Academy to find out what they’d been up to.


The pupils at Barnet Hill Academy, in the London Borough of Barnet, are no strangers to talking about sugar and health. Their school is a fizz-free zone, and teachers have even used giant models of a mouth and toothbrush to teach children about dentists and oral health.

This year, the school took the plunge and ran a Fizz Free February event for their Nursery and Reception classes. Through discussion, sharing a poster, and providing examples of different drinks, the teacher got the kids thinking about fizzy drinks and health.

Shahnaz Vayani, Early Years Manager at Barnet Hill Academy, said: “The children had some awareness about fizzy drinks and health already, and they took the conversation really well.”

The parents were informed about the activity and shown pictures via an online platform, where they shared stories about how their children had responded at home, and expressed their thanks to the school. 

One parent said: “It’s such a good thing for the kids to learn. Our kid has been announcing that fizzy drinks are not allowed in the house!”

Teachers also took the opportunity of Fizz Free Feb to get their knowledge up to scratch: they all did a quiz to learn about the health impacts of sugar.

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