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Get kids creative

Get children to make viral content such as videos or interviews to share on social media channels.

Ask kids to make a short video (on their phones) engaging with the main message of SUGAR SMART. For instance, they could interview a diabetic, record a song about sugar, or ask people in the street if they can guess the sugar content in well-known sugary drinks. Check out the clip from Jamie’s Sugar Rush documentary for a bit of inspiration, below. The documentary contain some tough scenes and interviews, but it’s a great tool to get the message across.


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SUGAR SMART is working with primary schools and early years across the UK to help people become smart about sugar.


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Run a SUGAR SMART assembly

Run a SUGAR SMART assembly or session for children using our video and information resources.

Have a SUGAR SMART quiz

Run a quiz with surprising facts about sugar in everyday food and drink.


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