Set SUGAR SMART challenges

Set a sugar reduction challenge, such as giving up sugary drinks for a whole week.

  • Challenge pupils or colleagues to give up sugary drinks for a set period of time in a ‘SWOP THE POP’ challenge. Encourage them to drink two litres of water a day instead.
  • Download the posters from Brighton and Hove calling on residents to swap sugary items and sugary drinks for sugar-free alternatives.
  • Introduce the Change4Life Sugar Swaps.
  • Check out the clip from Jamie’s Sugar Rush documentary for a bit of inspiration, below. The documentary contain some tough scenes and interviews, but it’s a great tool to get the message across.

We know that long-term behaviour change can be far more effective if it’s presented as small steps in the right direction.


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SUGAR SMART is working with retailers across the UK to help people become smart about sugar.


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Promote water

Install water points and promote drinking water as the number one drink.

Remove adverts for sugar

Remove ads and make it policy not to advertise or promote any food and drink high in sugar.


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