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Run an assembly on Fizz Free February

Run an assembly or session for students using our assembly resources and Fizz Free February materials.

  • Use our presentations and resources to create an assembly. They contain some surprising facts about how much hidden sugar is in everyday foods, such as fizzy drinks.
  • Use the Fizz Free February Frequently Asked Questions and Guidance for Communications Campaigns to add shocking facts about the impact of overconsumption of fizzy drinks.
  • Ask children and their families to pledge to go fizz free on Southwark Council’s website
  • Download and share Fizz Free February resources for schools, including posters, progress charts and certificates.


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Run a SUGAR SMART assembly

Run a SUGAR SMART assembly or session for children using our video and information resources.

Get kids creative

Get children to make viral content such as videos or interviews to share on social media channels.


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